Thomas Cole | The Good Shepherd

IMG 3439 310x201 The Good Shepherd thomas cole

Artist: Thomas Cole
Year: 1848
Medium: Oil on canvas on panel
Size: 32 x 48 inches

One Response to The Good Shepherd

  1. Neil Olsen says:

    I saw this painting last week at Crystal Bridges. Cole is amazing, and his use of color as a “light motif” makes him a sort of the American Wagner of painting. The startling red of the good Shepherd’s tunic, so startling in the green landscape, just a the shepherd’s leaving the 99 sheep to rescue the one was startling, is mirrored in the red tinted sunset of the heavens. The very knowledgeable docent pointed out similar color motifs in another Cole painting.

    A marvelous museum, architecture, collection, and group of people,made this one of the best art experiences I’ve had.

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